Frequently Asked Questions about our Screen Printing and Direct To Garment Services.4

Your questions answered!

Q: How much will the printing cost?

A: The short answer is: it varies :) Screen printing costs are directly effected by a few factors:

-The quantity you order (screen printing/embroidery orders are discounted by quantity) -Number of colors in the design to be printed (fewer colors is less expensive than many colors due to the setup time involved in creating a screen for each color in a design) -Number of print locations (the more print locations, the more times the shirt has to be re-setup on the screen printing machine and realigned) -Brand/Style of garment being printed on (some brands like Hanes/American Apparel are more expensive than other brands like Fruit of the Loom, Gildan)-Color of garment being printed on (dark shirts are more expensive at the manufacturer level than white or light garments. Dark shirts also require an “under-base” of white to make the ink colors in your design don’t blend in with the garment color. For example, red ink on a black t-shirt requires white ink to go down before the red ink so the red doesn’t turn a murky reddish black color from the red ink seeping into the black shirt)-Don’t worry, we’ll give you an easy to understand “out the door” quote once you fill our our quote form or give us a call.

Q: How do I get a Quote?
A: You can get a Quote by using our easy online quote form or by calling our office toll free and asking for a Quote: (562) 437-5170.

Q: Do you provide the t-shirts or do I have to supply them?
A: We provide the shirts for your printing order. Our quotes include the wholesale cost of the garment plus the printing costs. We have wholesale accounts with many of the top blank t-shirt and garment vendors from around the world. Check out our catalogs page to see many of our vendors, or contact us directly if you need a special brand or style. – go back to list of questions.

Q: What is your minimum screen printing order?
A: Our minimum screen printing order is 36 pieces per design for a design with a 1 color, 1 location print. Our minimum embroidery order is 36 pieces per design. Our price breaks are at 36/50/75/100/200/300/500/1000 and 2,500 pieces.

Q: What type of printing do you do?
A: At TURBO PRINTS, we offer Professional Quality Screen Printing, Direct to Garment, Heat Transfer and Design services. We are always adding new services and equipment. We also have a network of partners we trust and can provide most services related to screen printing at our usual Affordable prices.

Q: How long will your printing last?A: Our printing passes several quality checks before it ever leaves our shop. When properly cared for, the printing should last years and years. Many customers have reported the printing outlasting the t-shirt itself!

Q: What type of t-shirts do you print on?
A: We can print on a wide variety of t-shirts and other garments. We use only first quality, top name brands including Hanes, AmericanApparel, Fruit of the Loom, Article1, Gildan and more, Styles include 100% cotton, 50/50, heavyweight, lightweight, organic cotton, ringspun cotton, garment washed, tie dye and more! We allow you the freedom to select which t-shirt brand you’d like to use for your printing project. We also have the experience to give you suggestions on which t-shirt would best fit your specific needs.

Q: Do I have to order in multiples of 12?
A: You don’t have to order in multiples of 12 in order to qualify for wholesale discounts as long as your total order meets the minimum quantity for that price break. Our price breaks are at 36/50/75/100/200/300/500/1000 and 1,500 pieces.

Q: Can I mix and match sizes in my order?
A: Yes! You can mix and max sizes as much as you need to in your order. Our quotes generally cover sizes Small-XLarge. Manufacturers charge extra for sizes 2XL and above, so there may be additional upcharges for those sizes (starting at $1.75 extra for XXL)

Q: Can I mix and match t-shirt colors/styles in my order?
A: Yes! You can mix and match garment colors in your order. You can also mix and match garment styles in your order. For example, if you wanted to order 25 black men’s t-shirts and 25 black women’s baby doll t-shirts with the same design printed on all 50 shirts, we could do that for you with no extra charges! As long as the design is the same and the ink colors/print size is the same, there would be no extra charges.

If you need the same design to go on white shirts and black shirts, it may be necessary to change the ink color so the design shows up correctly on the different color shirts. For example, black text that needs to go on white shirts, gray shirts and black shirts. The black ink would be fine for the white and gray shirts, but of course black ink won’t show up on black shirts, so we’d need to change the ink color to white (or a different contrasting color). In these cases there is a $10 color change fee to cover the cleaning of the screens to get ready for the different ink color(s).

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal and company checks for orders. We can also accept Purchase Orders from Schools and Government agencies.

Q: Which is the best t-shirt to use for my order?
A: If you have a “favorite” brand that you’d like to use, most likely we can get that same brand to use for your print job.

“Best” is really a relative term in regards to picking the right t-shirt for your printing project. Some projects will require a premium brand name like Hanes or AmericanApparel, other projects may need a more economical solution that doesn’t sacrifice quality (Gildan).Some customers may need a more fashion forward t-shirt style, which would require sourcing from some of our more style orientated vendors like AlternativeApparel,etc while other customers may need some basic plain white t-shirts for a promotional giveaway.We allow you the freedom to select which t-shirt brand you’d like to use for your printing project. We also have the experience to give you suggestions on which t-shirt would best fit your specific needs.

Q: What kind of inks do you use?
A: We use industry standard plastisol inks for the most durable and long lasting prints. If you need a “soft hand” or soft feel to your t-shirt prints (usually for fashion brands) please let us know when asking for a quote. We can use a discharge, water based base to help give the final prints a super soft feel.

Q: How do you ship orders?
A: We ship most US Based orders via FEDEX Ground. We can also use expedited shipping (Next Day Air, Second Day Air, Three Day Air) if your order is in a rush, depending on the customer needs.

Q: How long will it take for me to get my completed order?
A: Our standard turnaround time is 2 weeks. That means, if you place your order on a Monday, your order will be scheduled to ship out 2 Mondays later. This gives us time to prepare your artwork, send you a proof of your print job via email for you to approve, order the garments necessary for your job and schedule you job to be printed. All jobs ship Torrance, CA and transit times will vary depending on distance from our shop.

Q: Can you get t-shirts without tags?
A: T-Shirt manufacturers are required by law to put labels in their garments when they deliver them. Never fear! We can remove the existing manufacturer label and replace it with your own clothing line’s brand tag so you have a completely customized garment!

Q: Can you relabel the printed shirts with my own company label?
A: Yes! We can remove the existing manufacturer label so that it no longer says “Hanes” or “American Apparel” and we can sew in your own brand tag or company label. We can also recommend custom woven label suppliers where you can get quality tags made. We can also hangtag your garments for you!

Q: Can I pick up my order locally?
A: Yes! If you would like to pick up your order from TURBO PRINTS shop at Long Beach, CA please let your sales representative know when you place your order.